• We do the hard part.


Supplied Power Transformers, Instrument Transformers and Disconnect Switch for 3 World Bank Funded Contractors (comprising of 15 substations) in 2016-17

  • Supplied over 70 Power Transformers (60 MVA and 150 MVA capacity) in Nigeria in last 7 years
  • Supplied over 12,000 CSP (Completely Self Protected) Transformers for NDPHC project in Nigeria
  • Largest Supplier of Earthing Reactor/ Transformer & Wave Traps in Nigeria
  • Executed Supply of Control Relay Panel and SAS for 5 substations in last 3 years
  • Supplied complete package of offshore equipment for 4 substations (132/33 kV size) in Nigeria
  • Supply & delivery of 132 kV lattice towers in record 3 months’ time to customer in Nigeria